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Indoor installations

Specialist for electrical systems by developing innovative solutions, complete, from the simplest functions-protection, distribution, power control management to integrated electrical systems and computer networks. Our creativity feeds from the confrontation between the decorative and technological trends. Designing embedded systems for residential applications, commercial and industrial. Diversity enriches our workand allows us to bring more value to our solutions for increased customer satisfaction. It also motivates our search for innovation. In the context of accelerated globalization and the increasing complexity of projects, the support of a competent and reliable partner is absolutely essential, a real key to the success of your company. Our solutions incorporate the latest technological innovations, their coherence is carefully tracked. Choosing Power Design means you are assisted by professionals at your disposal at any time, from project conception to completion. Knowing the best manufacturers available, we will provide the appropriate solution for your requirements for electrical installations and data networks.All our projects enable sustainable development facilities because tomorrow starts today. Environment a priority - it is a requirement of extreme importance eco solutions are vital for energy.

Energy efficiency means to predict environmentally friendly solutions. In many countries open to cutting emissions of greenhouse gases, optimizing energy efficiency in buildings has become a priority issue. Power Design uses a portfolio of technical solutions that enable the customer to avoid the waste of resources and to balance adapted to the actual energy. "Eco-Solutions" for both the residential and commercial sector helps to optimize energy efficiency either by cutting or by optimizing the energy consumption of.

Hotels - Hospitality increases customer loyalty: no matter what type of location, every detail counts when you want to enhance customer loyalty. High quality services and comfort ensure a high occupancy rate. Free internet access and conference equipment are essential ingredients. Electrical installations also contribute to ensuring safe and efficient operation, and can provide an aesthetic feature to enhance brand image.

Shops and malls - Minimize costs, maximize sales: for that our projects require construction deadlines fixed economic and infrastructure budgets safe, simple and easy to install. Reconfiguration and maintenance should be easy to do to ensure a good level of continuity of service. Besides achieving energy savings, integration spectacular lighting solutions increase sales.

Health - Maximum comfort and safety: because it is so important to provide maximum comfort and safety of patients and staff all nursing units (from hospitals to nursing homes) need quality infrastructure.

Office - adaptability and flexibility in performance: to ensure adaptivity means to increase productivity and energy saving ensure people's safety.

Education - safety, performance and control operating costs: these are the challenges facing schools coordinators. Given the large number of people and traffic through these buildings, security equipment must be 100% available.Data and multimedia equipment must be strong and flexible to meet the needs and requirements of a modern education system and high quality. And thanks in particular management of energy consumption, operating costs will be significantly optimized.

Data Centres - superior performance and energy efficiency service continuity: the critical point is that data centers require reliable structure, flexible and scalable infrastructure with guaranteed performance. They have to ensure absolute continuity of serviceand today more than ever, keeping electricity supply continuity is vital.The solutions provided by PD provides a coherent and effective response to the needs of a data center.

Industry - Ensuring continuity of service: to ensure the best performance of the instruments of production, the factories running complex processes need stable solutions that can guarantee high performance optimum continuity of service. It should be possible to rapidly reconfigure the facilities, so that they can be integrated to the new equipment and enabling easy maintenance. Clearly service staff to ensure the safety of the facilities is a priority. Therefore all power design solutions are designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of each industry and environment, even the most difficult.

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