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Increasing energy efficiency of Cluj-Napoca Clinical Hospital

Power supply works:

  • Reconstruction of the power supply network of the main building.
  • Installation of an electric generator to ensure the continuity of the power supply of the hospital

Interior installations:


  • Rehabilitation of the internal electrical installation by changing electrical distribution boards and electrical columns.
  • Upgrading the interior lighting installation by incandescent and fluorescent lighting incandescent, with LED luminaires with high energy efficiency and long life.
  • Replacing the general electrical switchboard and switching from the TN-C earthing circuit to the TN-S system.
  • Installation of devices for monitoring the parameters of the electrical network and metering and recording of consumption, for better management.
  • Power supply of all receivers of the new air conditioning system via heat pumps.
  • Replacement of outdoor lighting with LED luminaires with autonomous photovoltaic power supply.

HVAC, santiary installations:

  • Replacement of the current classic heating system with a new modern one using renewable resources- heat pumps and interior VRV equipments for hot/cold air ;
  • Creating climate for two operating rooms by new ventilation equipment;
  • Making a new system with heat pump and solar panels for hot water preparation in the kitchen area
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